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Rodrigo Tisi

TAIRA’s exhibition design not only presented stories of archaeological objects that are significant of the past, it also gave an account of the physical location in which this rock-art is located, at Loa’s Valley River, in the north of Chile. The proposed design experience was meant to highlight all the discoveries on the research conducted for more than a decade. The exhibition, through a form of an immersive display, was developed with different specialists to look for different scopes; spaces of participation, spaces of reflection and experience as well as spaces of immersive technologies that somehow enhanced different dimensions to "construct" different moments of performance, in order to gain the spectator’s attention who were visiting the museum. The main challenge was to “transport” the spacetime of TAIRA’s shelter to the exhibit space in Santiago, located at the Chilean Pre-Columbian Art Museum, and vice versa, at the same time, to transport visitors from the rooms of the museum to the spaces of TAIRA’s eave in the valley of the Loa River. The exhibition considered a narrative script from three different approaches: ethnographic studies, site documentation and archeological objects. These combined approaches unfolded through the different rooms and permitted to build up the space-time of TAIRA’s eave through the spaces of the museum. The data compiled in this exhibition was the result of several years of research done by a group of national and international researchers and professionals.

Paula Rojas - Vera, R., Araya, R., Garín, C., Ossandón, S.

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Tomás Folch

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Rodrigo Tisi

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Matías Garretón - Matías Sanfuentes

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Matías Garretón

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Matías Garretón - Matias Sanfuentes, Isabel Nuñez

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