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Luis Valenzuela

Luis Valenzuela - Raimundo Sánchez, María José Briones, Denis Berroeta

The delimitation of burned areas is an important step for the study of forest fires, and the use of satellite remote sensing allows a scalable methodology. Previous studies use a dNBR threshold to determine the presence of burned areas, but this threshold is affected by vegetation variability determined by the geography of the study area and land use coverage. For them, the difference in the normalized index of burned areas (dNBR) was used to study the mega fires that affected the central zone of Chile in the summer of 2017. An automated methodology was developed that, based on satellite images and polygons of the burned areas provided by the National Forestry Corporation of Chile (CONAF) generates a set of dNBR thresholds differentiated by administrative region and land use. The application of differentiated dNBR thresholds significantly improves the accuracy of the burnt area delimitation model, although it does not achieve satisfactory results for all land uses. This methodological advance will make it possible to improve the design and control of policies for the prevention, conservation and restoration of ecosystems affected by forest fires.

Luis Valenzuela

El Atlas MBHT es el resultado de una exitosa colaboración entre la Subsecretaría de Desarrollo Regional y Administrativo (Subdere) y el Centro de Inteligencia Territorial (CIT) del Design Lab (Escuela de Diseño) de la Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. Este valioso recurso consta de cinco tomos que albergan imágenes georreferenciadas, poniendo de manifiesto las brechas, desafíos y oportunidades presentes en los territorios de las 16 regiones, 56 provincias y 345 comunas de Chile.

Luis Valenzuela - Matias Garreton, Agustin Basauri

Garreton, M., Basauri, A., & Valenzuela, L. (2020). Exploring the correlation between city size and residential segregation: comparing Chilean cities with spatially unbiased indexes. Environment and Urbanization, 32(2), 569-588. https://doi.org/10.1177/0956247820918983

Luis Valenzuela - T. Folch, A. Castro, A. Vázquez, C. Romero

Valenzuela, L., Folch, T., Castro, A., Vázquez, A., & Romero, C. (2020). Andes Mountain Strategic Plan. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 503, 012103. https://doi.org/10.1088/1755-1315/503/1/012103

Luis Valenzuela

Vera, Felipe. (2019). Construyendo Gobernanza Metropolitana. Gobernanza Metropolitana.

Luis Valenzuela

Valenzuela, Luis. (2019). Urbanismo Ecológico en América Latina. Gustavo Gili. ISBN-10: 8425229480 ISBN-13: 978-8425229480

Rodrigo Tisi - Luis Valenzuela - Lucas Helle

For at least two decades, Chile has witnessed intensive processes of urban regeneration, mainly by a densification of vast areas. This article offers a new review of residential densification, not through the lens of building height or architectural massiveness, but rather by considering residential density as an opportunity to introduce circular economy cycles on a local scale. The article supports the hypothesis that a building, with a high concentration of households, is a chance to induce a small- scale alternative, which is less time consuming and demands less coordination than other initiatives that require system-wide innovations. In order to better extract the maximum value from resources, to recover and regenerate products and materials, it seems common-sense to design a process as close as possible to where the resources are used, as well as look into the architectural design of residential buildings and evaluate the degree of needed adaption to transform high density architecture into a local factory of circular economy. Focusing on a single case study in the city of Santiago, as an exercise of adaptation, the aim is to create a waste reducing design, with the possibility of redefining products and services.

Luis Valenzuela

Valenzuela, Luis. (2017). Estudios de los planes maestros como instrumentos de gestión urbana: estudio de casos y evaluación de los Planes urbanos Integrales del Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo. Ministerio De Vivienda Y Urbanismo

Luis Valenzuela

Valenzuela, Luis. (2018). Estudio de metodología para la Estimación y Caracterización de Conjuntos Habitacionales en Vulnerabilidad.Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo